20 Good Things To Have In A Camping Van

Nothing is better than waking up in a tent and breathing the fresh mountain air each morning. The smell of pine needles and a good breeze – mmm. But it can get tiring between cleaning your gear, cooking meals, setting up tents, etc. It doesn't have to be this way, though. Modern technology has made it possible for you to fill your camping van with the latest high-tech gadgets, which means those camping days will soon become heavenly in your eyes.

A Mattress

It would help if you had the right mattress to enjoy your camping trip without being bothered by a stiff neck or aching back. A good night’s sleep will ensure you wake up with a positive attitude and enough energy for the day’s activities. Not only is it foldable to fit the space constraints of your camping van, but it is also known to have some therapeutic qualities and provides maximum comfort. Put one on your list of camper van accessories, and thank me later.

Oven with Natural Convection

A toaster oven is a multi-purpose van life essential used for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We use it every morning to make toast, and it’s the ideal van-sized oven for roasting vegetables, baking pizza, and even baking dessert! When we’re not using it, we store it in the cupboard. It, too, is electric and operates on the same circuit as the rest of our appliances.

Bin for Composting

Finding a compact compost bin that effectively blocks odours was critical in completing our van life kitchen. This compact 4-litre compost bin is the ideal solution. It has an air vent and a mounting bracket, allowing it to be secured while driving while taking up no counter space. We’ve never had a problem with compost odours or leaks, so it’s been the ideal solution for our kitchen.

Trash Can That Collapses

We love this collapsible trash can that can hook onto any cupboard door and be flattened and out of the way when not in use. It’s small enough not to be cumbersome but large enough to handle whatever garbage we generate daily. We try to live low waste, but we’re not there yet! This should be on any list of campervan necessities.

Electric Water Heater

An on-demand electric water heater is high on our list of van life necessities. Having hot water available whenever needed has been fantastic for cold days and proper washing up. This mini 4-gallon water heater is simple and heats up in less than 20 minutes. It’s a power hog, drawing 50-100A on average with each use, but since we have plenty of juice in our batteries, it’s one of the best van life accessories!

Starter of a Fire

A fire starter is a must-have when camping, especially in a tent. In an emergency, fire will allow you to stay warm, cook food, and even signal for help. Remember that a fire starter is not the wood itself, so bring wood, buy wood onsite, or gather wood where permitted. Many campgrounds do not allow you to get your firewood, so double-check before you go. I get a variety of fire starters, including a Bic lighter, fireproof matches, and a small flint kit. It may appear overkill, but it does not add to my weight because I always keep them in my hiking pack, and they are lightweight.


Showers are also included in cabin campsites, either in the cabin itself or in their communal bathrooms. Take advantage of this opportunity for hygiene by adding basic toiletries to your camping packing list. You will want to remember soap, a toothbrush, and toothpaste, and I like to bring dry shampoo instead of liquid shampoo and conditioner to freshen up my hair. While camping, I don’t particularly appreciate having a cold, wet scalp.

Clothing and bedding

RV camping is the type of adventure that allows you to bring various comfortable clothing.


You should bring your favourite PJs and lounge clothes for relaxing inside the vehicle, hiking clothes including good base layers, outer layers, and socks, swimsuits for any campsite swimming pool or nearby designated swimming areas, and even fancier clothes for taking photos while sightseeing. Whatever method you choose to set up camp on your next adventure, use these items to create your camping packing list, and rest assured that you have everything you need to stay comfortable, safe, and prepared for whatever your trip may bring.

Utensils and Kitchen Tools

Some campgrounds provide communal outdoor cooking stations with stovetops and outlets for your kitchen appliances. Check the amenities of your campsite before you leave, and even if your camp does not have a cooking station, bring essential cookware. You’d be surprised at how much can be cooked over a campfire! A cast iron skillet, dutch oven, spatulas, and tongs will come in handy. Bring bowls, plates, and basic utensils.

Packable travel backpack suitable backpack

During the day, you want to go hiking and enjoy the natural beauty. This means you’ll be leaving your van behind. So, a backpack will come in handy if you need to carry everything for the day. You can comfortably pack your food and devices, such as phones and cameras, as well as any other necessities, in the right backpack. The ultra-lightweight hiking backpack from Outlander is one of the best camper van accessories for any successful camping trip. However, make sure you choose one that can hold everything you need. This way, you are not compelled to leave any valuable items in the van, which would have improved your hiking experience.

Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detector

Even during your camping trip, safety is always a top priority. A smoke and carbon monoxide detector are one of the van life equipment that most campers recommend. The device notifies you based on the danger it detects. If it detects smoke, the alarm will say “fire” and “warning carbon monoxide” if the hazard is carbon monoxide. Remember that any of these hazards can cause irreparable harm or even death. This way, you can quickly correct the situation and avoid potential danger. Because a gas like carbon monoxide is undetectable with our naked eyes, this device will be beneficial.

Extinguisher For A Van Fire

Although no one wants to be forced to use it, it is one of the essential van accessories. It is one of the life-saving devices that could save your life or the lives of your travelling companions in the event of a fire. The best part is that you don’t have to spend a fortune on it. Numerous dependable and reasonably priced van fire extinguishers are available to help ensure safe, fire-free camping. One such product is the EZ Fire Spray Fire Extinguisher, which can be used on paper, fabric, electric, or grease fires. This fire spray is portable and has a four-times longer discharge time than most fire extinguishers.

A Portable Toilet

This is serious business when it comes to nature’s calling. While most RVs or camper vans have built-in toilets, a portable toilet can enhance the camping experience, especially if you are camping with a group. Also, you never know when the toilet in the van will become clogged or have other problems. When this happens, you must be prepared, and you will not be disappointed to satisfy SereneLife Portable Toilet while camping, boating, or hiking. A portable toilet is one of the few accessories every camper should have but that many forget or overlook. It is vital, has a large capacity, and allows you to conduct business at any time and location. But only during your expeditions!

Showers for Campers

A van camping trip would be incomplete without a hot shower. And, while public restrooms are available, it is still preferable to have your own, especially if you intend to stay in one location for an extended period. This will also ensure that you have privacy when you need to freshen up and that you have access to hot water. Fortunately, there are various types of camping showers on the market, ranging from solar-powered to battery-operated. You only need to select one that meets your requirements and budget.

A pillow and a sleeping bag

During your trip, you will require a comfortable place to sleep. And that includes bringing a sleeping bag and pillow, especially if you’re camping tentatively or the camper van can’t fit everyone. If you don’t already have one, consider purchasing a mummy bag, which is less expensive and more comfortable. This simple Sleeping Bag for Adults Backpacking is the best choice on Amazon and will serve you well. It’s high-quality, long-lasting, warm, and spacious. However, bring an extra blanket if the temperature drops at night, which will make a difference.

Awning for a Campervan

A camper van awning is a must-have van camping accessory if you want to increase your living space or get some fresh air. It gives you more living room and provides excellent shade from the sun or rain when you want to relax outside the van. It is made of solid polyester and can block approximately 85 per cent of direct sunlight. This way, you can stay cool outside your camper van even on the hottest day. With some camping chairs and a foldable camping table, you’ll feel like you’re relaxing in your backyard.

Car Phone Holder

Phones are a significant cause of many road accidents all over the world. Trying to grab your phone from the dashboard or even the phone compartment in the car can easily divert your attention away from the road. A cell phone car mount is an excellent solution for answering your phone while remaining focused on the road. These devices, mounted on the dashboard or the windscreen, provide easy access to your phone while driving, and receiving calls while driving will become a seamless task. It’s a small price to pay.

Vehicle Jump Starter

You must begin your journey with that kickstart. Some car emergencies are almost unavoidable. And when they do occur, you must be prepared. When your battery dies, and your van won’t start, you’ll need the right tools to get back on track. It may appear to be a simple device, but it could save you from spending the night in the middle of nowhere. Remember that you may be too far into the woods, where few cars pass by regularly.


Another van life accessory that you should never be without is a flashlight. A flashlight is a must-have item whether you are camping for a day or a week. It’s functional, especially at night or when looking for things in dark places. You can easily walk around the campsite with a good flashlight, even on pitch-black nights or during a blackout. In addition, if there is an emergency and your car needs to be repaired, the flashlight ensures that you can see even the hidden parts of your vehicle.

Blinds with Thermal Insulation

The weather sometimes behaves differently than expected. Some days may be sweltering, while others may be icy. These variations can ruin your camping trip if you need the proper equipment. Insulation blinds are intended to help control these variations by insulating your van. The apparatus helps keep the van’s inside cool during hot, sunny days. And on cold days, it contributes to the desired warmth.


So there you have it, 20 lifestyle items for your camping van. Suppose you’re thinking about converting a campervan into your home away from home, and you’re struggling to think of all the practical items that are going to be necessary. Hopefully, this list will inspire you and show you how much fun being self-sufficient can be.

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